Grow something
that will last

Seed support and investment for startups. The Seed Starter program supports startups during the Go-To-Market phase, and brings external projects under BCR’s wing.

Why are we doing this?

We are one of the most important financial groups of Romania.


We believe in honest entrepreneurship and the creation of longstanding value.


We have the resources and knowledge to support you.


We want to help true entrepreneurs prosper in the long term.

Our philosophy

We’re a different kind of a seed fund. We want to help companies that are built for sustainable and lasting growth. If you just want to be rich and famous, don’t call us. But if you have a brilliant idea, a strong team and a clear plan, we’re here to help, inspire and educate you.

Welcome to the era of long-game entrepreneurs. If you can convince us why your startup will still be here in 200 years, just like Erste, we will invest in you.

Our solution
for long-game startups


We have "smart money" that we will invest in a structured and logical way to create long-term value.

How can you get involved


Help us expand our financial services portfolio with innovative products in segments where we aren’t yet present, or where our customer services are lagging behind or still have room for growth.


Plugin Challenge

Connect your business to George, BCR’s banking app. It gives you the potential to reach almost 2 million users.



Help us achieve a better tomorrow by combining your talent with modern technologies in the field of sustainability.


Prosperity and support for business

We want to promote sustainable business not only in terms of the environment, but also to ensure the long-term success of companies and individuals.

The Seed Starter program at Erste Group proudly supported these startups

An independent energy price comparison tool.


Micro real estate investments for everyone.


Application that enables immediate access to salary.

Comprehensive monitoring of the receivables portfolio in insolvency proceedings.


Application for creating, signing and managing documents.


A tool to make the transition to sustainability easier, faster and more efficient for forward-thinking companies.

Digitalize your accounting. Save up to 80% of the time spent reviewing financial documents.

An analytical view into the world of digital assets.

AI platform for customer service solutions.

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